Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Decor DIY #2: Bring the outside in

One major sign that the seasons are changing and that Mr.Frost is knocking at our door is the changing of leaves and the subsequent bare branches.

Why not bring those symbols of the season indoors. They are many inexpensive ways that u can manipulate nature's by-product to sequence beautifully into holiday decor. You can do things such as covering your mantle in branches that you spray paint a holiday metallic color. Or collect a large load of colorful leaves and then turn them into a large framed collage that u can hang in the foyer. Both of these ideas and more I will be doing in my own space for the holidays. I plan on posting my before and after pictures as well as sharing a few how to posts after the Thanksgiving holiday so stay tuned.

But for now just enjoy this inspirational eye candy for outside-to-indoors inspired holiday decor. Both pictures were found on Traditional Homes Pinterest page.

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White Laquer Bronze Eagle Lamp Before and After

If you read my blog yesterday you know that I opened my etsy shop, Chroma Lights.  As promised here is a before and after of one of the items listed in my shop: 

I laquered the wooden part in a super shiny high glossy white.  This lamp could go into a varity of settings but I always imagine this one in an aviator inspired little boys room.  I know that is very specific but with the white it is a good mix with the rustic bronze, hard and soft, imaginative and heroic.  Kind of like little boys made of snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails and this is the trophy he gets at the end of the day for coming home the dirtiest of all his friends. Ugh my imagination, lol!  Anyway, what do you think about this update?  In what room in your house could you see this going into?
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Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Official Chroma Lights is Open!

It's official!  My etsy shop opened this evening and I am super excited.  After about a month of shopping and refurbishing I have finally started my little online shop.  It is called Chroma Lights.  This is a baby of Chroma And Hue:  Interior Designs by Audrey, which is my interior decor company.  Right now I have seven listings but I plan on adding a new listing or two atleast once a week.  The items sold are vintage or retro lamps that have been rewired.  Some items have also been changed to create an updated product.  Actually tomorrow I will do a before and after post about one of the pieces that I updated.  Here is a preview of one of one of the items for sale:

Lovely isn't it!
Click my banner below so that you can see more:
Have you started something this year that you are excited about?  Let me know in the comments.  If you haven't this year is not over you still have time to start. What do you aspire to start this year?
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Holiday Decor DIY #1: Adding some magic to your dining?

Happy Holidays Folks! I've been MIA for a bit because of technical difficulties. But don't worry cause I'm baaaaack! Today is the start of my daily (minus the weekends) holiday decor DIY ideas posts. So I will not waste any more time (two months missing was enough) lets get started.

This first decor suggestion was found on Apartment Therapy:

I love this easy and inexpensive idea. Although if ur not well versed in lighting installation you may consider employing an electrician for the install part.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Salon Style #2

I know that this is being posted the same day and vertually minutes after my first salon style post.  It's my blog...so sue me :-P Lol really though I have been trying to post that 1st Salon Style blog for the past week but my computer was acting weird and not letting me.  So ironically tonight I find amazingness happening here.

Right! Nice Em Hen!  Loving the color combo of lilac and orange. Love the hanging chandelier that is over the laquered dresser which I also love and most importantly I love the salon wall that adds additional color, texture, age, and interest to the space.  Once again another successful use of Salon Style.

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Salon Style #1

I am in super like with this space.  Love the stripes with the frames.  Mix different frames with stiped patterned walls by making all of the frames the same color.  This is a great thrift store project.  Collect inexpensive frames and paint them all one uniform color.  Then add in all of those family photos that are scattered around the house onto one wall.  Super chic!

As an artist I love to see collections of family photos and keepsakes on walls.  It is one of the most inexpensive ways to bring art and style into your home. Todays Salon Style moment of the day comes from here.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifting in My City

Thrifting in My City is a blog that justifies my shopping habits.  Well who am I?  My name is Audrey and I am the principle designer for Chroma and Hue Interiors.  Click the About Audrey link above to learn a little more about me. 

When I shop I do not have the ability nor do I want to purchase every single beautiful thing that I find while I am out and about.  Also I am an interior designer and I do not always have a project or home for the beautiful objects that I find at that time.  So to prevent myself from snatching up every single item that I find while I am out this blog will be sort of a holding pattern for any fabulous shopping finds.

OK!  And now that we have officially given pleasantries and introductions.  Here is a pretty pretty picture of a pretty pretty inspiring space.

I found this here
Isn't it gorgeous and simply divine!  Two things are my favorite that floor and the beautiful built in.  My specialty is kitchen design so I am well versed in the language of cabinetry and to see such a simple application of cabinets and lovely glass and it not be in a kitchen setting is just exciting.  I mean really, I am excited, it is refreshing to see home owners take things out of there traditional application and use it anywhere in there home.  Have you done anything nontraditional in your home decor lately?  Ever taken an object out of context and used it in an unconventional way? 
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